Wednesday, December 28, 2016

World Blog Platform Overview S15

The web site free hosting service providers to create a blog has been scattered on the internet that makes netizens easy to get a blog that is ready to be used to communicate and share with the world through text, images and video and other forms of media. Best Top Free Web, Wordpress, PHP, Email, Domain And Web Hosting With Unlimited Cpanel And No Ads.

Here is a platform to create a blog that is widely applied, namely: HTMLy; Databaseless is an open source blogging platform or flat-Files Blog prioritizes simplicity and speed are written in PHP. HTMLy can be referred to as flat-file CMS good because it will also manage your content. HTMLy uses a unique algorithm to find or list of site content by date, category, tag, or author, and the performance will still be fast even if we have thousands of posts and hundreds of tags. FlatPress; is a blogging engine that stores your post as a simple text file. Forget SQL! You just need some PHP. StatusNet; is the open source microblogging platform that helps you share and connect in real-time within your own domain. With StatusNet you can encourage collaboration, build and engage your community, and to be in command of your brand. PageCookery; is the first public offering single-user version of the open source microblogging Program, PHP + MySQL based architecture set of safety, efficiency and stability, "share", "discovery" to the concept of Web 2.0 solutions for micro- blog. Storytlr; offers a touch point for your online life in your own style. Easy to post anything you find interesting, import web 2.0 stuff and share your online life. Storytlr is lifestreaming source platform and micro-blogging open. You can use it for a single user or can act as hosts to many people all from the same installation.

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