Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Overview of Business Catering Equipment S17

Glorimelamine Hospitality Industry Equipment Manufacturer Spot Indonesia (Glorimelamine Produsen Peralatan Makan Industri Horeka terbaik di Indonesia) One of the best in the industry horake type of business is a catering business that required him to be existing equipment to support its operations.

Here is a wide range of cutlery and tool for presenters of food and its functions that can be used in the catering business, namely: The dinner plates used for serving food or co-main. Eating bowls suitable for serving a variety of foods such as vegetable soup soupy nor ice pieces. Points sauce / gravy / sauce that is generally used when serving the meals with buffet ways. Tablespoon with different shapes and different functions, there is a special spoon used to eat rice, soup, ice cream, and more. Drinking glasses shaped tool assortment, usage can be adapted to the needs. Equipment drinking cups for serving a variety of beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate or milk. Trays / Tray is a tool for presenters shaped plate of food or beverages. Ashtray / cigarette ash place for those who needed it.

The more complete owned equipment to run the catering business is actually getting better, but it would be better if the equipment belongs has already been adapted to the needs.

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